Lt. Stephen Kwesi Amoah Advises Students to Develop Themselves to Be Better Leaders

A distinguished Ghanaian serving in the United States (US) Navy, Lt. Stephen Kwesi Amoah has advised students at the University of Media Studies (UniMAC) to develop themselves to become better leaders.

Lt. Stephen Kwesi Amoah spoke at a leadership seminar organized by the Faculty of Integrated Communication Sciences under the theme “Leadership Behaviours that Build Trust – Developing next Ghana leaders”. Lt. Amoah emphasized that everyone is a leader: “We are all leaders because you must lead yourself. Until you can lead yourself, you are not in the capacity to lead others”, Lt. Amoah asserted.

Drawing on personal experiences and general observations, Lt. Amoah highlighted the profound impact of leaders’ decisions on their followers. “One decision by a leader can send a whole nation into poverty”, he said. “This sobering reality exposes the immense responsibility that accompanies leadership roles and how imperative it is for leaders to exercise discernment and foresight in their decision-making processes”.

Lt. Amoah noted that mentorship, time management, humility, discipline, and boldness are indispensable qualities of effective leaders. He credited these qualities with shaping his leadership journey from a young university graduate in Ghana to an officer in the US Navy. “You need to seek mentorship and learn from experts. Don’t just seek mentorship; manage your time well; there should be priorities and the correct allocation of resources. Be disciplined, humble, and bold. Our part of the world makes people timid but start to speak up. See something, say something, and do something”, he said.

LT Amoah immigrated to the United States in 2003 and joined the United States Navy in 2006. He has held several leadership positions in the army, including Company Commander, Division Officer, Plans, Operations, Medical Intelligence Officer, and Medical Logistics Officer.

The leadership seminar was held at the South Legon Campus of UniMAC; it was chaired by Dr Daniel Odoom, Dean of the Faculty of Integrated Communication Sciences (FICS). Dr. Odoom, in his remarks, encouraged students to observe and learn from role models – people of behaviour worthy of emulation. Dr Odoom also challenged students to be humble but bold firm, and fair. The leadership seminar was attended by a cross-section of students and members of the Faculty of Integrated Communication Sciences.